Our World Wide Sailing Programme offers charter yacht owners with Horizon Yacht Charters sailing on a comparable yacht in a variety of exotic destinations. In addition to Horizon’s Caribbean locations in the British Virgin Islands, Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Horizon teams up with select charter companies in sailing destinations around the world to complement your lifestyle and enhance your yacht ownership experience.


Europe/Mediterranean (A) Mexico/Americas (B) US: Florida, San Juan Islands (A)
Pacific: Australia’s Whitsunday Islands/Tahiti/New Zealand (B)

12 POINT SYSTEM April 16th – Nov 30th Dec 1st – April 15th
Home Port (A Caribbean base) 2 Points 4 Points
Horizon Caribbean (Use at another Caribbean base) 4 Points 6 Points
World Wide Sailing Destinations A) 8 Points 6 Points
World Wide Sailing Destinations B) 6 Points 8 Points


  • 12 points awarded and renewed annually on contract date
  • No points can be carried over from year to year
  • Bookings are on a comparable yacht or smaller
  • Points equate to one week of a charter (7 nights)
  • Weeks are not transferable or for sale
  • World Wide point levels are valid during seasons at destinations shown above
  • Up to a further six weeks, sailing can be enjoyed when booked within seven days of your charter start

We also have yacht guardianage management available. Find out more here.