Starting in 1978, with its founders Josef Meltl, originally a a yacht charter broker & Winfried Herrman, originally a window manufacturer, Bavaria Yachts was destined for success. By 2006 alone, the company had produced over 3.5 thousand of the highest quality, most reliable and ingenious yachts available to date.

Bavaria sees its self as a modern manufacturer, paving the way into the future of yacht, motorboats and catamaran construction. Yachts from Bavaria reflect a product of perfect interplay between individual components. The engineering ingenuity and design demands respect and show an almost unparalleled know-how on boat construction.

Today, each and every model present in the Bavaria range sports high degrees of build precision and quality. With a combination of the best fittings, fixtures, materials and principle craftsmanship from a dedicated workforce, the results truly are stunning. They are one of our favorite manufacturers and we’re proud to display their yachts in our fleet.