Read what our previous customers have to say in their Horizon Yacht Sales Testimonials

“Recently I purchased a Bavaria Cruiser 35 from Horizon Yacht Sales and I am a very happy owner. I live in Puerto Rico and was looking for something in the 30-foot range to cruise around the islands near Puerto Rico and the US and the British Virgin Islands. Through a search, I found Horizon in Tortola and Giles Starkey, a broker for Horizon representing Bavaria.

Giles was outstanding. He understood the big picture and the details. It felt as though Horizon partnered with me on the purchase. Giles and Horizon also made me feel like a member of the Horizon family. Giles worked hard to address the suggestions made by my surveyor and was committed to making them right before I took possession.

I bought the boat from charter not despite the fact that it was in charter but because it was in charter and Horizon takes good care of its boats. It came with a very well crafted manual and all the owners’ manuals.

The boat in charter was named Nemo and I renamed her Second Wind. I am now looking forward to many days cruising the islands and look forward to a return trip to Tortola for a sail and visit with Giles and Horizon.

I highly recommend Giles and Horizon.”


We had a great experience with your Horizon crew. They are very detail oriented and took good care of SOBEN. Thanks to all.

Thomas C

We had a great trip on the boat, and wanted to pass on some comments about the staff – everyone we met was exceptional and reinforced my feeling that Horizon would be the best company to place SECOND WIND with.

We departed yesterday for the ferry terminal, and prior to that asked our guests to sweep through their cabins to make sure nothing was left behind. Upon arriving at the ferry terminal, I received a call from Jon, who said he found a set of keys and glasses in one of the guest cabins. I asked him if he could hand them to a taxi driver, and send them to the ferry terminal. He said he would deliver them personally and would be at the terminal in 15 minutes.

Upon arrival, our guest met him outside and tried to pay him for the inconvenience – he would have nothing to do with it and refused to take anything from our guest.

Our friends only had that set of keys, and were driving back immediately to Cape Coral after we arrived back in Miami – without the keys, they would have been stranded.

That act from Jon really struck a chord with everyone in our party, and though all were talking about recommending Horizon to their friends, that only accentuated the positive experience everyone had.

A shout out to Jon, as that was above and beyond anything that would ever be expected.

Dale MacDonald

“I have bought three yachts through Horizon all of which have been based in the BVI and managed by Horizon Yacht Charters.  Being a part of the Horizon family made my dream come true.

It has worked at all levels for me and my family.  We have had wonderful sailing in the BVI.  We arrive and boat is ready. We return after the holiday and I give a list of anything that I’d like done – and it’s done.  No hassle, 100% enjoyment. We have sailed all over the Caribbean with Horizon delivering my yacht to where we want to sail. Yacht two I sailed over the Atlantic.  Horizon managed her delivery in France and preparation for the trip.

I’ve also been part of the delivery team of another boat from Annapolis to the BVI.

There is an amazing team in Horizon.  The same friendly faces are there every year.

Something I believed would never be possible was delivered by Horizon.

Jamie Brown, owner of Bavaria 46, Hakuna Matata II.”

Jamie Brown


“We are Ian and Chris Wilson, originally from Manchester UK, but have lived in the USA for 20 years.

Before we bought our first boat we chartered with Horizon back in 2003, we were with our kids, who back then were 8 and 10. I (Ian) had a fair amount of sailing experience but Chris didn’t, so we took a skipper and we did the ASA 101-104 course. We had a very nice skipper called Julian, found by Horizon, and chartered a Bavaria 36. We passed the exams quickly and dropped him off after 3 and 1/2 days and had the rest of the week on our own.

We really enjoyed ourselves, Horizon were great, met us at the dock, very quick to do the boat briefing, and a thorough chart briefing. Made everything very simple, easy check in and we stayed on the boat the night before.

After 4 more charters we loved what we were doing and, call me crazy, but decided to by a boat, so we bought Aquila, a Bavaria 42. She was two months old and in the charter fleet, I emailed and spoke to Andrew Thompson (Tubes) and soon afterwards exchanged contracts.

That’s where we began, and now we‘ve had three boats with Horizon, the first two purely for use in the charter fleet and now this one, Kibo, which is slightly different. We wanted a boat that could start in charter but with the option to take her out and use as a full time live-aboard; And Tubes is really good at that. He knows what is needed for charter but also for the convenience of living aboard, he was really very helpful in that respect. We chose her at the Annapolis Boat Show; she’s a Bavaria Vision 46.

In the charter programme we always use our own boat. When you arrive the boat is in great shape and the Horizon staff are friendly and attentive and make sure everything is ship-shape and Bristol fashion, ready to go.  Sheets are on the beds, very clean, and they do nice towel sculptures for the kids, nice little touches like that. And typically you get a bottle of rum and some coke for a celebratory sundowner, which is really nice when you get to your boat.

When we eventually took the boat out of the charter fleet, we sailed down the Caribbean chain and ended up in Grenada. We had contact with Horizon in Grenada, James and Jacqui Pascall, and we were very comfortable to leave the boat with them. We also became good friends with Gary, who works for Horizon, so as well as working on the boat he introduced us to the local Grenada scene and we went to music jams and the like. And we still do!

Horizon in the BVI was very useful when it came to transitioning Kibo from Charter to full time cruising boat. We took 3 -4 weeks working together with the Horizon team, rewiring, adding wind gen etc, all onsite and they were very professional.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not a charity, it’s a business, we paid for their time, but it’s a great service they offer and it was really very good.

Overall our experience with Horizon from chartering,  purchasing boats to charter management , and now guardianage services, has been really great, it feels like a family oriented, family run company with really nice people, and we now call them our friends. We’d definitely recommend them.

Ian and Christianne Wilson; previous owners of the Bavaria 42 Aquila, Bavaria 35 Short-Cut and now KIBO, a Bavaria Vision 46.  Interviewed  January 2019.” 

Ian and Chris Wilson

“We attended the 2017 Miami Boat show primarily looking for charter ownership opportunities that allowed us to leverage the business ownership tax benefits.  On the last day of the show we saw the Horizon’s booth and toured the Nautitech 46 Fly. My wife Kim was sold the minute she walked on the boat, primarily because of the wonderful fly bridge

I had Robin set up an interview with Andrew and Sylvia where we discussed things ranging from financial stability, tenure of the team, business philosophy, etc. I also talked with several of their existing owners. Robin and I agreed on a price and some tweaks on the management agreement and then we purchased Nova.

The reputation, financial stability, and tenure of the Horizon team made them the clear choice, given we were really selecting a business partner who would charter and maintain our yacht, rather than just picking the right boat. We felt the family owned Horizon team would give us more personalized attention and involvement opportunities compared to the corporate owned alternatives.

As we approach two years of ownership, I would say that the team on the ground at Horizon is really their competitive advantage. You are not going to get that tenure and expertise with any other charter partner. 

Scott Latimer, Owner of the Nautitech Fly 46, Nova. January 2019.”

Scott Latimer

“I’m happy to share my experiences of working with Horizon Yacht Sales. I’ve had two 440’s in charter with HYC….lost our 2009 440 in hurricane Irma so replacing her with a new 450 next year.

Horizon has been great to work with.  I started with our first 440 in 2006.  Andrew and Sylvia are terrific.  Researching all the possibilities of different charter management companies, Horizon was the only one that would work for us as we are very “hands-on” and Horizon has allowed us to be as involved as we wished.

The biggest factors for me were integrity and honesty.  Both of the Horizon principals (Andrew and Sylvia), as well as Henry (director of operations) and Jon McKenna (manager of ops), are good, hard-working honest individuals.  I trust them explicitly. 

No charter company is perfect but when rare discrepancies do arise, an open conversation with either Andrew or Sylvia will quickly resolve the matter.  This is not always the situation with other companies.  Our experience with Horizon in the BVI has proven over 12 years to be financially beneficial and very pleasant.”

Larry Kline