There are three established Yacht Ownership Programs offered by Horizon Yacht Sales and delivered through Horizon Yacht Charters. The programs are proven to be successful and you will be dealing with Horizon at all times, from specification and purchase, choosing a base, commissioning and delivery, through marketing, charter management, operation and eventually exit.

Which ownership program you choose for your luxury yacht is up to you and depends on your own individual requirements: your personal cruising wishes, your lifestyle, your own financial planning, and how much you want to be involved day-to-day. Horizon is a Yachting and Charter specialist, and while we are not tax and finance advisors ourselves, we work with the same tax lawyers in the US who represented one of our yacht owners against the US Commissioner of the IRS and won.  The lawyers we recommend, have a proven track record.  ONLY Horizon’s Active Management Program has had an IRS review and approval from a US court of law. Of course, you can also consult your own CPA or tax advisor. Contact us if you would like a free consultation with our tax lawyer.

Revenue is either guaranteed on a monthly basis or is performance-related. You receive a detailed statement of income and expenses each month, regardless of which program you choose, and this also serves as a full-service history. Owner paradise sailing time is flexible, maintenance of your yacht is to the highest standards and we’ll help with your exit strategy as well. (See below).

Your Yacht. Your Program. Your Way.