Island RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) provide a perfect combination of form and function. A good-looking and purposeful boat, available in a wide range of hull and tube colours that delivers an incredibly smooth and dry ride, as well as excellent sea handling.

For the recreational owner, there is a substantial list of options to kit an Island RIB with all the bells and whistles one could possibly need (Bimini, tow pole, board and dive tank racks, swim ladder, stereo, chart plotter, foredeck cushions etc) for an action-packed weekend on the water, or a very chillaxed day out, safe in the knowledge these Island RIBs have a pedigree second to none.

Island RIBs     Island RIBs

The 7M and 8M-10M series craft are MCA Category 3 (R) allowing commercial operators to work to 20 miles from a safe haven. The maximum category possible for an open boat. The cuddy and cabin versions of the 8-10M series can be rated to MCA Category 2. All RIBs are independently rated as RCB cat B.

By way of a testimonial, the RIBs are the choice of the British Antarctic Survey team, where conditions demand the utmost in seaworthiness, reliability and rugged longevity. There is no tougher proving ground.

Rick Tomlinson, the world-renowned marine photographer, depends on his Island RIB to stay close to the action at International Regattas to get the iconic shots he is famous for.

With a 24.5-degree deadrise aft that increases to a deep vee forefoot, with 3 spray rails on the hull, these RIBs cut through the chop incredibly well and corner on rails. The tubes themselves are set above the waterline when at rest. This means that you do not have the additional wetted surface area of the tubes dragging in the water as the boat accelerates onto the plane, and you do not have the issue of weeds and barnacles growing on the tubes at the dock.

Island RIBs’ tubes are manufactured from Hypalon, the only material to be considered for RIB tubes in the Caribbean, as the alternative PVC tubes are welded at the seams, and they do not hold up in the heat and the UV.

Hypalon seams are glued, and Hypalon is easily repaired in the unlikely event that a tube is punctured. Island 7m series tubes are manufactured with 5 separate chambers and with pressure release valves as:

standard, the tubes are the very best available.  The tubes come with a five-year warranty.

Island RIBS SaskiaPhoto: Rick Tomlinson
Island rib

The hull and deck are hand laminated in their moulds and then bonded and laminated together to create a monocoque structure. All Island RIBs’ hulls are fully flow coated, creating a completely waterproof layer and preventing water ingress into the structure of the boat which can cause deterioration of the vessel over time.  All GRP  components are designed and built in-house and all are manufactured using only Lloyd’s approved GRP materials. The hull, deck and ancillary GRP components carry a 5-year structural warranty.

The seats behind the console have ‘winged’ backs, which make them very secure and also double as excellent bracing support when standing. Every storage compartment under the seats is watertight, fitted with a thick rubber seal.

The battery compartment (s) (a second battery is an option) is also watertight. The transom splash well is an integrated GRP moulding, adding additional torsional stiffness, and rigidity as well as an extremely clean and aesthetic finish. Practicality combines with ergonomics as the splash well also houses 3 storage compartments – which are of course, watertight.

The deck section above the fuel tank, which itself has its own GRP moulded compartment is removable in the event that maintenance on the tank is needed, and there is a small inspection hatch to access the sender for the fuel gauge on the tank.

The tank is made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel. All deck fittings are 316 marine-grade stainless, and the flush-mounted cleats with proper backing plates are a nice feature.

Horizon includes a seven-coat anti-osmotic barrier layer of Interproject 2000, an International paint product of overlapping epoxy platelets protecting the hulls from the elevated risk in the Caribbean of osmosis due to the sea temperature.

The 7.5m is rated to 250Hp but with a 200 hp Yamaha weighing in at 221KG / 487 lbs the boat is perfectly balanced on the helm, even with a full payload of passengers, as the seating is fixed around the longitudinal centre of gravity.

When running light, the helm position being on the starboard side counters the rotational torque of a single-engine set-up. Running at 23 mph, she will return over 6 mpg, and at 46 mph, nearly 4 mpg. Trimmed out in flat water, she will push on to nearly 52 mph.

Consider a trip from the North Sound, Virgin Gorda to Anegada at 30mph. The 7.5M Island Rib will have you in Setting point, Anegada in about 25 minutes, having used under 3 gallons of fuel.

The beautiful BVI environment will thank you for that.  Tie up at the dock at the Lobster trap, hail a free ride across to the Anegada beach club, and enjoy a leisurely lunch, or hook up with Tommy Gaunt for some world-class kite surfing. With an island Rib, all 64 cays and islands of the BVI are but a short, comfortable and dry ride away.

Island rib
Island RIBS June 6 2017Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Island RIBs standard features:
2 jockey seats with winged back support. 2 independent bilge pumps. Orca Hypalon tubes with 5 chambers. Splash well with 3 dry lockers. Non-skid deck. 316 Stainless 220L fuel tank.
Console – full-height polycarbonate windscreen with SS rail surround. Bow locker and foredeck recessed cleat. 2 stern cleats. 2 stern D rings. 5-year hull and deck and GRP componentry warranty. 5-year Tube warranty.

Island RIBs options:
Hull and tube colour options, additional grab handles, pressure release valves, deck shower with water tank, imitation teak decking, Bimini, bow cushions, electronics, seat storage box, jockey seats, safety equipment, stereo, boarding ladder, water sports pole, commercial A-frame tow post, transom arch, Samson bow and quarter posts, board, ski and tank racks, trailer.

Please contact Giles Starkey for a full range of options and pricing.