Bavaria Yacht Sales from the experts at Horizon! Bavaria Yachts were originally founded in 1978 by Winfried Herrman, a window manufacturer, and Josef Meltl, a yacht charter broker. By 2006, the company has grown to produce approximately 3,500 of the highest quality yachts sailing the seas today.

Bavaria yachts are highly sought and highly appreciated throughout the industry and we are proud to represent the brand as part of our lineup this sailing season. 

Bavaria prides itself on being the most modern manufacturer of sailing yachts and motorboats today. A Bavaria yacht is the product of the perfect interplay between its individual components. At its forefront is the immense know-how on boat construction, engineering ingenuity and design.

Today, it is possible to realise the entire range of this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality. A combination of the best materials, fixtures and fittings, the best craftsmanship and a committed workforce results in something that is the hallmark of every Bavaria yacht.

We’ve had the pleasure of delivering many happy sailors with Bavaria yachts for years now and hope to continue doing so for many more. 

If you would like to browse our current collection of Bavaria yachts, you can do so online here. Our monohull yacht range is a constantly evolving lineup, featuring new and classic designs side by side so you can always find that special yacht built just for you and your sailing needs on the open sea. 

If you would ever like to enquire about Bavaria Yacht Sales, then please get in contact with Horizon Yacht Sales today! Our staff are happy to help, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about our current yachts. Get in contact with Horizon Yacht Sales today and find the yacht of your dreams. We provide a range of choices when it comes to picking out your new yacht, allowing you to always find a yacht that suits you, not just your budget. Or if you would like to learn more about Bavaria Yacht Sales you can check out their Shipyard.