The Powercat 47 systems are one of it’s most inviting selling points. Sporting advanced, professional and modern systems capable of delivering one of the greatest sailing experiences available today. In this overview, we will tell you all about it. The design allows for excellent comfort and flexibility with its interior air conditioning systems and plentiful fresh water supplies. The powerful twin engines allow an excellent cruising speed of up to 22 knots. Please see the in-depth specifications pictured here for exact details.

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The Powercat 47 is a remarkable feat of nautical engineering and we’re especially happy to be welcoming it to our fleet in the upcoming seasons.

Powercat 47 systems features

It is just one element of its masterful design. It benefits hugely from the veteran catamaran builders at Nautitech, who pour care and precision into all elements of its construction. All areas of the design flow gracefully into one another, allowing for great economy and speed. Aboard, you not only reach your destination in a timely manner, but you do so in a classic luxurious style. The Powercat 47 is one of the lightest yachts in its class, playing further into its swift sailing potential and sporty, sleek lines.  

Nautitech systems are typically designed and built in a construction yard found in France, Rochefort Sur Mer, in the Charente Maritime department on the South West Atlantic coast. Rochefort was originally founded as a central naval base hundreds of years ago in 1666; it houses the oldest dry dock in the world dating from 1669 and is where one of Europe’s biggest 17th-century factories still stands – a rope factory, to rig all the warships. Both the factory and the construction yard have stood alongside each other, proving a home for true craftsmen in their industry. 

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