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When you buy a yacht with Horizon, you get more than just the yacht. You get the ultimate yacht ownership experience.  With premium quality and customised service, you’ll experience the very best in the business.  Our highly qualified team of sailors and marine industry professionals will make every step of your yacht ownership hassle free.

With you every step of the way

From the initial purchase, through to our hands-on, responsive management, we ensure that your boat is treated with the care and attention it deserves.  It’s one of many reasons why Horizon owners stay with us for years, and keep buying from us.

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What our owners have to say

Horizon Owner Larry Kline

“Horizon has been great to work with.  Andrew and Sylvia are terrific.  Researching all the possibilities of different charter management companies, Horizon was the only one that would work for us as we are very “hands-on” and Horizon has allowed us to be as involved as we wished.

The biggest factors for me were integrity and honesty. I trust them explicitly.”

To find out how you can get best-in-class bespoke service for your privately owned or revenue generating charter yacht contact us now.

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