“I highly recommend Horizon Yacht Sales to anyone considering the purchase or sale of a boat in the Caribbean. Although I had already identified the model I wanted, and first made contact with Horizon because they had one listed for sale, I still had many questions about the boat, the practicalities of ownership, and the positives and potential negatives of keeping it in a charter fleet. Giles Starkey, our broker at Horizon, was consistently patient, forthright, and fun to work with. Every transaction is different, and ours had some unique challenges due to the pandemic, requirements of the seller, etc. With the help of Giles and his colleagues at Horizon, we sailed through them all smoothly. (As a bonus, Nanny Cay, where Horizon has its base, is easily the nicest commercial yacht basin you’ll find. I would hang out at the adjacent beach bar even if I didn’t have a boat there.)  I don’t believe in the old cliche about the two best days of boat ownership being the first and the last, but I can tell you that both of those – as well as many in between – will be greatly enhanced if you choose Horizon.”


Horizon Yacht sales testimonials

Bill Bryan