Please feel free to explore our detailed overview of the Powercat 47 deck and interior. The ‘s stylish french Powercat 47 sports some of the most modern & advanced interior design & materials seen in sailing yachts to date, making it the perfect yacht for anyone looking for something that really stands out among the crowd.

If you have any further questions about Powercat 47 deck and interior specifications, please feel free to get in touch with the team here at Horizon Yacht Sales. We’re always happy to help out any customer requests.

The Powercat 47 is an especially grand an exceptional yacht so we’re truly proud to be welcoming it to our fleet in the coming seasons.

The new Powercat 47 deck and interiors benefit massively from the experienced catamaran builders at Nautitech. They play beautifully into the general flow of the yacht, which offers speed with great economy. This allows you to get you to your destination efficiently and in luxurious style. The Powercat 47 is lighter than its most other yachts in its class, with its sporty, sleek lines  and a Hydraulic Tenderlift, which can be transformed into the largest bathing platform in its class. 

Most Nautitech designs and yachts originate from the famous French construction yard in Rochefort sur Mer, in the Charente Maritime department on the South West Atlantic coast. Rochefort was founded as a critical naval base all the way back in 1666; it has the world’s oldest dry dock dating from 1669, and is where one of Europe’s largest 17th century factories still stands  – a rope factory, to rig all the warships.

If you’d like to know more about the Powercat 47 deck and interior, you can view our main Nautitech 47 Powercat page. Alternatively,  you can always get in contact to discuss the yacht with the Horizon team directly. Our team has been built up over many years to encompass many  experienced professionals and veteran sailors, allowing Horizon to provide key insight and vision into a yachts design matched by few other brokers in the industry.