About Beneteau Yachts

Beneteau Yachts are one of the oldest boat-building yards in the world. The range of modern Beneteau Yachts for sale is extensive.

Sail the sea with no restraints. Beneteau yachts utilise simplicity and performance in all weather and all latitudes, with increasingly personalized uses, to make dreams all the more accessible. Innovating endlessly Beneteau pushes the world of yachts forward in all aspects of quality and design.

Beneteau associates the greatest names in naval architecture and design with the challenge of each new boat project. When you choose to browse Beneteau yachts available with Horizon, you benefit from expertise second to none. From research and development to industrialisation, the brand and the group have been working for over 130 years to build innovative, reliable and competitive boats.

Their designs sport continuous improvement and progress year after year, developing technology and designs that meet ever-higher expectations of practicality and quality. Beneteau builds each yacht with the customer’s needs in mind, allowing for vast personalization and subtle yet crucial details that make up their masterclass designs.

If you’d like to browse our current selection of Bavaria yachts that are available for private ownership or any of our management programs, you can contact us today. Our Bavaria range is a constantly evolving lineup, sporting new and classic designs alike. Be sure to favourite the line-up page and check back regularly to get your hands on the best picks as they come in fresh off the line. 

If you have any additional questions, queries or concerns not answered online about any of our Beneteau yachts, or would like to book a yacht for private viewing, be sure to contact the Horizon yacht Sales team today. Our staff are professional, friendly and always happy to help out eager clients looking to sail the Caribbean in style. The Horizon team is made up of new and veteran sailors alike, allowing us to provide nuanced details and key insights about many yacht build and models that few other brokers in the industry can match.


Beneteau Yachts OCEANIS (9 to 15 meters)

The world reference in cruising. With eight models ranging from 31 to 60 feet, the Oceanis is a safe and efficient sailing yacht. With increasingly stable hulls, clear deck plans, simplified manoeuvring, equipment and interiors lending themselves to personalization, the Oceanis range continues to improve the cruising experience. The dream is subtly falling into place.

Beneteau Yachts OCEANIS YACHT (17 to 19 meters)

BENETEAU Yachts has created a link to another world with the Oceanis, which stands apart for its space, light and design, coming together in unison to transform life at sea. It has opened the door to new horizons, described by sumptuous spaces and served by noble and luxurious materials.


The signature features of the First range have not changed since its conception in 1977. First models have always been designed for sailors who enjoy club racing as much as cruising, bringing the best of both worlds into one single product line. In 2021, BENETEAU Yachts launched the new First 14, 24 and 27.

Drawing power from the same exhilarating hulls as their SE counterparts while offering simpler systems, aluminium masts, more comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards daysailing and coastal cruising, these boats adapt to the different needs and expectations of a wide variety of users.



First SE – Seascape Edition encourages and empowers sailors to expand their comfort zone by joining competitive one-design racing and adventure sailing. It grows a community of owners linked by shared values and a drive to strengthen their sailing skills. Whether owners are racing against others in one-design classes or are engaging in adventure sailing, the First SE connects them to the elements and helps them experience nature in the most authentic way.

A carbon rig, laminate sails and other technological features give sailors the ultimate sailing experience, performance and control.


Heir to more than 40 years of experience of the First range launched by BENETEAU Yachts in 1977, the First Yacht sets the course for high-performance cruising.


If you would like to purchase a Beneteau Yacht for private use, for placing in our highly regarded charter fleet in the Caribbean, or would simply like to learn more about Beneteau Yachts for sale or another model, email Robin Hodges: