Our charter management programs are flexible to accommodate the owner’s specific requirements wherever possible. Factors influencing your choice of programs will include personal cruising wishes, financial planning, and your degree of involvement etc. Programs fit into two broad categories. The Max Income Management program, and the Guaranteed Income program.

Max Income Management Program 

The Max Income Management program is an income-sharing program and usually runs for 5 years. You are credited for the full net charter income after booking commissions.  Horizon bills a 20% management fee, costs of parts, services, dockage etc. Your “income” is the difference between the revenue and the costs. Owner usage can be unlimited, but owner usage directly affects your income. This program is a partnership and you can choose to be actively or passively involved. US owners have successfully operated their yachts when actively involved and have benefitted from significant tax advantages.

Guaranteed Income Program

Owners of select yacht models are eligible for our 3-year Guaranteed Income program. You’ll receive a monthly, pre-determined payment. We take care of all of the day-to-day maintenance, dockage and insurance costs. With the ‘Guaranteed’ program, you may use your yacht for up to 12 weeks per year – 2 weeks in high/mid-season and 2 weeks in mid/low season, or 6 weeks in low/mid-low season, plus up to a further six weeks of sailing, when you book your yacht within seven days of your charter start.

For more information and details on our Management Programmes please talk with our Sales experts and they can help you select what is right for you.

To learn more contact our Yacht Sales Manager by email.

Horizon Yacht Charters

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